As an online and print-on-demand publication that seeks to provide a forum for experts, scholars and enthusiasts to freely and openly expose well-founded views and to debate issues of controversy. The New Age Archaeology Magazine, archaeology for a new era, will target a readership that is primarily interested in all areas of archaeology, ancient history, myths and symbols, and speculation.   Also new discoveries and theories that challenge currently accepted notions about our past.
The market most amenable to our editorial focus is a progressive student audience. Our focus is a an 18-35 year old readership and will be hotly promoted at colleges and universities, where the preponderance of technologically savvy and enthusiastic minds will be most receptive. Our efforts will also target a broad range of enthusiasts, professionals and free-thinkers that are not bound by scientific or political dogmatism.

Our cutting-edge premise is to focus on new discoveries that are making us re-evaluate past doctrines and promoting the restructuring of accepted theory, by asking the questions most asked and searched fore by the general public and younger undergraduate students. Was there really a Atlantis? What about Crop-Circles? The Blooodline of the Grail? These are questions people ask. They want an answer to them. And they are not always satisfied by the common dismissal or professionals in the field.

Our clear and easy to read style will help clarify archaeological terminology for the public. In addition, by addressing connections to mythology, religion and culture, we encouirage discussion and serve as a resource for students and professionals by publishing archaeological profiles, breaking news, academic papers and highlighting archaeology in pop culture. Despite this, we are not an academic paper, and we are not afraid the show our true colors when it comes to alternative archaeology and speculation. We provide a balance,
of topics of a relatively speculative and popular nature, with reports on the latest mainstream findings.

Thus, The New Age Archaeology Magazine is not a typical academic publications and stands apart from student publications.  We will foster readership with a broader sense of community, where common intellectual interests will make them avid readers.  The inherent, underground intellectual audience, somewhere between scholarly respectability and edgy, revolutionary ideas is our niche market.