The New Age Archaeology Magazine is an electronic and print publication dedicated to challenging accepted wisdom and providing a framework for new thoughts and ideas. It is directed to an audience of progressive students and younger adults, as well as satisfying the needs of a more general audience looking for something new. This group is extremely techno-savvy and will seek much of its news and information on web-based media in addition to print.

Our aim is to progressively employ more multimedia to the platform for The New Age Archaeology Magazine, taking advantage of the richness of internet video, streaming, podcast and social networking such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and others. New technologies such as downloads for the Amazon Kindle, the Blackberry and iPhone, and new products by Apple and Google, will take center stage in our marketing strategy.

In today's failing economy, it takes a bold new publication to strike out from the dark cloud, and put together a message that can be applicable to almost anyone regardless of their social status or level of education. This magazine stands against academic exclusivity and seeks a total disclosure of the thoughts, ideas, theories and artistic inspiration. We cover everything from mainstream science and discoveries, to new alternative and speculative material.

Our advertisers will find a cheap and effective way to advertise that won't break them at the bank, but will still provide an excellent venue for their business.

Like other magazines of a popular nature, there is some attention given to fringe topics such as UFOs, Sasquatch and Lost Civilizations.  We do not consider articles on metaphysical healing, conspiracy theories and the paranormal.  We focus on engaging topics about the human past which are grounded in archaeology and backed by documentation and reesearch, and which are also challenging to currently accepted wisdom.

Readers fascinated by the latest evidence and theories for Atlantis, Pre-Columbian America, Lost Civilizations,Western European megaliths and the entire legacy of humans on this planet will find The New Age Archaeology Magazine a rich and rewarding publication.  As an advertiser searching t o prmote materials considered too hot to handle, or merely seeking a venue to advertise commercial or non-profit businesses from a perspective that is neither mainstream nor fringe, or simply want someplace to speak out, The New Age Archaeology Magazine is a unique and ideal resource and tool.