Scott F. Wolter
"Geologist Scott Wolter has been the president of American Petrographic Services since 1990 and is responsible for the independent petrogrphic analysis testing laboratory where the Kensington Rune Stone was brought the investigation in 2000.  It's been the principal petrographer for more than 5,000 investigationss  throughout the U.S. an around the world, including the evaluation of the fire damaged concrete at the Pentagon following the attack of September 11, 2001."  (The Hooked X, back cover). Pat Chouinard Interviews Scott concerning his research on the Kensington Runestone, The Knights Templar and their arrival in the New World before Columbus, plus the Holy Grail and the secret of the hidden Bloodline of Christ and Mary Magdalene.

A real "tour de force' as far as research into early European incursions into North America is concerned. Careful examination, consummate professionalismm and approachability make his books a joy to read. Wolter always brings something new and exciting to the feast and the "Hooked X" has me hooked for sure."
                             ---- Alan Butler, Author "Civilization One: The Goddess, the Grail and  the Lodge"