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The New Age Archaeology Magazine is a bold new publication that dares to be different. In addition to exploring popular themes in mainstream archaeology, The New Age Archaeology Magazine investigates many controversial theories and anomalous discocveries.  The New Age Archaeology Magazine investigates many controversial theories and anomalous discoveries. We explore many of the key archaeological questions of our day, and some of the most inflammatory claims from the Gospel of Judas and the Lost Tomb of Jesus to evidence concerning Atlantis and even Ancient Alien contact.  
There is new archaeological evidence that is changing the way we view human society and our role in the world. They have challenged conventional wisdom and showed us a past waiting for discovery. This has resulted in a "new" archaeology which is multicultural and multi-disciplinary. These new archaeologists have sought to unravel misconception and tap ancient knowledge with a passion and voracity unequaled since Heinrich Schliemann and the earliest years of investigative archaeology. 


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Barbarians  II: The Lombards
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Notable Recent AdditionsThe Chronicles of Jerahmeel (12/30/2009)
The Jataka, Vol. V (12/19/2009)
The Chaldean Account of Genesis (12/15/2009)
Esoteric Teachings of the Tibetan Tantra (12/10/2009)
Thirty Minor Upanishads (11/28/2009)
The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme (11/15/2009)
The Confessions of Jacob Boehme (11/3/2009)
The Lang Fairy Books (8/25/2009)
The Works of Lord Dunsany (8/19/2009)
Lost Books of the Bible (8/12/2009)
The Babylonian Talmud in Selection (8/3/2009)
Works of Chaucer (Middle English) (7/22/2009)
The Gospel of Ramakrishna (7/18/2009)
Hymns of the Eastern Church (7/5/2009)
Spider Woman (6/25/2009)
Cosmic Consciousness (6/21/2009)
The Biography of the Bible (6/16/2009)
The Buddhist Catechism (6/11/2009)
The Path on the Rainbow (6/1/2009)
The World Bible (6/1/2009)
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (5/28/2009)
Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art (5/25/2009)
The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary (5/20/2009)
Hindu Mythology, Vedic and Puranic (5/17/2009)
True Irish Ghost Stories (5/6/2009)
Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt (4/25/2009)
The Devils of Loudun (4/20/2009)
Folk-lore of Shakespeare (4/16/2009)
Illustrations of Masonry (4/9/2009)
The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries (3/29/2009)
Songs of Innocence and of Experience (3/11/2009)
Records of the Past, 2:4 (3/8/2009)
Arabian Wisdom (3/4/2009)
The Golden Mountain (3/1/2009)
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 3 (2/26/2009)
Jesus An Essene (2/10/2009)
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 2 (2/5/2009)
The Oera Linda Book (2/2/2009)
Secret Science Behind Miracles (1/26/2009)
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 1 (1/22/2009)
Eighteen Treatises from the Mishna (1/12/2009)
The Wisdom of the Talmud (1/3/2009)
Genji Monogatari (12/31/2008)
Select Works of Sri Sankaracharya (12/28/2008)
Shinran and His Work (12/22/2008)
The Smoky God (12/19/2008)